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"Simply the most musical and interesting set of samples that I have ever used. They play like samples should but rarely do, responsive and varying to touch, and the creativity that flows from hearing these unique sounds never stops." - JOEL McNEELY, Emmy award winning film composer


"Your library is inspirational. Rarely have a set of samples been up to the task of being a true instrument. Bravo." -CRAIG HANSEN-STURM, software developer for Logic, Garageband, Protools


"This is the most exciting thing I have heard in quite a long time… A perfect combination of acoustic nuance and modern technology. My imagination has been stirred - thank you." -LYLE MAYS, legendary keyboardist and member of the Pat Metheny Group


"Plectrum is brilliant in concept and execution, and I recommend it to anyone that needs to be reminded of the truly wonderful things you can do with samplers." -MARTY CUTLER, Electronic Musician


"By 'plucked,' we're not talking Fender Stratocasters. These are scraped, plucked, tapped, and strummed pianos and found objects that are fresh and different... All the presets have been optimized to sound wonderful." -CRAIG ANDERTON, Keyboard Magazine


"[It’s] the kind of library that leads you to discover musical ideas that wouldn’t have occurred to you otherwise… The path to your heart is likely to be through your fingertips." -NICK BATZDORF, Virtual Instrument Magazine


"This is a unique and very beautiful product, with a lot of attention paid to the quality of the is extremely easy to play and it sounds very organic, as if you’re playing an actual instrument. I highly recommend it!" -PAUL GILREATH , MIDI Guide to Orchestration


"Plectrum is a most amazing, refreshingly original product. Crystal clear sounds and extreme playability. Within minutes of installing, I was recording tracks for my new CD." -DAVID ARKENSTONE, Composer


"I just purchased Plectrum and I have to say it is one of the most inspiring instruments I've bought in a very long time. I've only made it through about 4 instruments and I've already started on 3 new songs. The quality is amazing and I just wanted to thank Geoffrey for creating this. Absolutely Outstanding!" -LARRY ORTEGA, Composer


Just installed the plug. I NEVER contact developers, but your work is exceptional. The detail and nuance is exquisite! Thanks! -STEVE MacKINNON, Composer




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Plectrum V2 System Requirements

•OS 10.4 or later

• G4 1.4GHz processor or later

• 512MB RAM or more

• Sample Content Disk Space of 12GB

•Windows XP

• Pentium IV or Athlon 1.4GHz or faster

• 512MB RAM

• Sample Content Disk Space of 12GB