Plectrum™ V2 | demos


Plectrum V2 Demos Featuring Multis

Gosh the sound is big, but it's all played live on the 88-keys!

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A New Way. Plectrum Multi: Twang Jar. Two articulations of the "farm piano" are layered: pluck and jar attack.


Heaven Harp. Plectrum Multi: Heaven Harp. A three-way layer using fingertip piano, plucked piano, and guitar harmonics.


Tap Pluck Toss. Plectrum Multi: Tap Pluck Toss. A three-way layer with fingertip piano, ceramic pluck grand, and string things.


Triumph. Plectrum Multi: Crisper Picking Klavier. A combination of spoon-struck piano and guitar harmonics.


Anthem. Plectrum Multi: Anthem Split. Plucked piano and harmonics on LH, jar attack, spoon attack, and strummed piano on RH.


Duets with Richard Sebring, Principal Horn, Boston Pops Orchestra

Richard Sebring performed these beautiful overdubs to two solo Plectrum excerpts.

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Tap Jam. Plectrum Instrument: Struck Strings: Taps, Metals, GenPad. Variable finger tap studio piano, with variable silver collisions as transient layer, and synth pad behind. Mr. Sebring plays French Horn.


Magic Touch Dulcimer. Plectrum Instrument: Struck Strings: Magic Touch Piano Dulcimer. "Farm piano" struck with silver spoon, layered with acoustic guitar harmonics. Mr. Sebring Plays French Horn.


Plectrum Demos Featuring Single Instruments, Played Live

All the 187 instruments from the Original Plectrum are also in V2.

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Introduction. Plectrum Instrument: Struck Strings: Piano Dulcimer 4 raw 3-way. The "farm piano" played with a silver spoon.


Musicbox. Plectrum Instrument: Metals: Simple Musicbox. Hand-held music box coupled to the piano soundboard, dampers up.


Ye Merry Gentlemen. Plectrum Instrument: Plucked Strings: Plucked Harpgrand & Halo. Plucked piano strings with handheld music box layered.


CeramaGroove. Plectrum Instrument: Glass: Ceramaglass. Variable glass vessels layered with variable ceramic vessels.


12-Bars of the Blues Form. Plectrum Instrument: Metals: Mbira & Mixed Metals. Homemade mbira layered with mixed metal collisions.


Plectrum Demos Featuring Multiple Tracks

Some more of the variety of the Plectrum library is featured here.

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Eastern Habitats. Plucked string plus habitats.


Metal Scales. Mixed metallurgy, with thrown objects.


Spiral Groove. Plucked string and found bells.


Clock Time. Mixed struck, strummed, and plucked strings



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Plectrum V2 System Requirements

•OS 10.4 or later

• G4 1.4GHz processor or later

• 512MB RAM or more

• Sample Content Disk Space of 12GB

•Windows XP

• Pentium IV or Athlon 1.4GHz or faster

• 512MB RAM

• Sample Content Disk Space of 12GB