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Ilio Announces Plectrum


Plectrum box shot




January 2, 2008


Announcing a new BLOG!

Kimerer has begun a weekly blog to host conversations about her forthcoming book, What a Body Knows. Check it out!



December 20, 2007


Review in the Glens Falls Chronicle for the LaMothe/Gee Cratchits, performing in "Christmas Carol" at the Fort Salem Theater!


"Mr. Aupperlee [the director] knows what he is doing when he puts his ensemble of Cratchit family singers front stage, center, for the opening number... Even a two year old on stage [Kai!], who is mostly heald but has an occasional little bit of buisness, has serious stage presence and even some instinct for the spotlight. [H]e's the youngest member of the talented real-life Gee-LaMothe family, relatively recent artist transplants to Hebron whose members make up most of the Cratchit family."



October 19 , 2007


Plectrum astonishes music industry leaders at AES New York


Geoffrey took Plectrum to the Audio Engineering Society convention and demoed in the Tascam booth for engineers, producers, industry press, and players from around the world. People were astonished at the beautiful sounds coming out of the keyboard, and intrigued to hear such perfectly "acoustic" instrumental sounds coming out of a PC, especially ones that were so fresh and different. Some said it was the best thing they heard at the show--extrememly high praise given the stature of AES New York!


The most common question after "How can I get it?" was "Is it available for the Mac?" The answer: Tascam is tesing GVI IV, which is cross-platform compatible with Intel Macs. When it is released, Vital Arts will be able to compile Plectrum for Mac. We expect to ship Mac Plectrum in February '08. Thanks for your patience, Mac users! You will be rewarded! took this video of Geoffrey sharing some of the sounds and concepts behind Plectrum.



July 23, 2007


Plectrum is out and the reviews are coming in!

Lyle Mays, legendary keyboardist and founding member of the Pat Metheny Group, writes in:

"This is about the most exciting thing I have heard in quite a long time... A perfect combination of acoustic nuance and modern technology. My imagination has been stirred - thank you."

Larry Ortega of Chicago writes in:

"I just purchased Plectrum and I have to say it one of the most inspiring instruments I've bought in a very long time. I've only made it through about 4 instruments and I've already started on 3 new songs. Absolutely Outstanding !"

This is the kind of response a designer hopes for! Users and listeners, keep in touch for more news from Geoffrey Gee Original Acoustic Instruments.


July 2, 2007

Later this week Vital Arts will announce Plectrum a new release from geoffrey gee ORIGINAL ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS. This extraordinary virtual instrument library features 185 original acoustic instruments powered by Tascam's GVI streaming sample playback engine.

Much more than a tool or content library, Plectrum is a creative work of instrument design. Gee created these instruments from sounds made by plucking, strumming, tapping, scraping, and flicking a range of stringed instruments and found objects. Collecting thousands of full-length high-resolution samples, he voiced and tuned the sounds into full-range, expressive keyboard instruments.

Plectrum's ultra-friendly interface presents these instruments in nine categories based on the sound source: Strummed Strings, Struck Strings, Plucked Strings, and String Harmonics; Glass, Ceramics, Metals, and Found Objects, and Habitats. Each instrument features a round robin playback that creates the organic feel and texture of an acoustic instrument.  The instruments in Habitats use this feature to offer ever-evolving sound environments such as August Morning, Afternoon Rain, Forest Stream, and Crickets, inspired by life at Hebron Hollow Farm.